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Video Memorials

A Memorial Tribute Video is a collection of pictures, VHS, or 8mm film used to create an audio/visual portrayal of their life to be shared with all who attend the funeral service. After the service it can be placed on this web site's video page to be viewed by those who were unable to attend the service, and those who live far away.

An average tribute is 8 to 12 minutes in length, and may contain as many as 80 pictures and three to four songs. Much more than a slideshow or montage, we use professional software to add beautiful backgrounds, fades, picture-in-picture editing, and scrolling verbiage of favorite quotes or scriptures to create a loving presentation for all to see.

View a Sample Video

Since the need for this service often comes suddenly, we can complete a video memorial within 24 hours, in time for your funeral services.

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Mt. Scott Funeral Home
Mt. Scott Funeral Home


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