Video Memorial Services


VMS is a small company located in Vancouver, WA. Not an online only, one size fits all video company, we are dedicated to a personal touch, doing business locally to help people through this most difficult of time, the loss of a loved one.

Our company is based on hard to find services and equipment, at an affordable cost, to help you through the process of creating, presenting, and preserving the loving memories of the one you have lost.

Many funeral homes offer some of these services; if not, ask them about us. We are here to help them provide the things you need to get through this tough time.

"I was amazed at how well they portrayed who he was without ever knowing him."
"Our photographs, their scenic backgrounds and the music, it was all so perfectly timed" 
"He came to our house, got our pictures and asked some questions about her. Then he returned the next day with an amazing video that said so much about her."

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